Saturday, November 20, 2010

Matt from Austin, Texas, dreams...

I dream that my supplement/cleanse business will take off shortly after graduation. It will help many, many people become more healthy, and I'll make big heaping piles of money both monthly and when my business partner and I sell the company for millions of dollars.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amit from Denver, CO dreams...

I dream that some day I can travel to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and watch the black hole from the event horizon. I dream to travel faster than the speed of light and travel to the beginning of time to witness the birth of our universe, the Big Bang. I dream to travel through the Black Hole to singularity and "see what's at the end of the road." And finally, I dream to find out all the different animals and species that the molecules I am made of, have been a part of though 4.5 Billion years of life on earth.

Probably really weird but hey, this is what I dream of.

Kelly from McHenry, Illinois dreams...

Dreams, in order:

1) Smallest: Winning the lottery, just enough to allow me to buy a hobby farm in the country and a three-flat in the city to rent and visit on weekends.

2) Bigger: Comprehensive healthcare for all in the US, not tied to employment or current health conditions. Business, government and cultural change to recognize and support working parents ... right now there is virtually none here in the United States.

3) Biggest: Worldwide acceptance of religious diversity.

4) Impossible (lol, as if the above weren't!!): Waking up tomorrow with a fantastic singing voice.

Nancy from Centennial, CO dreams...

I dream that I will own a home someday with room for myself and my grandson. It will be comfortable and have a room equipped with a embroidery/sewing machine and a kitchen with room to cook “southern style”. A little patch of grass would be wonderful. In this home my grandson will grow strong and self sufficient. If I were to dream the almost impossible, I would dream that my daughter and my other grandchildren would move here and we would have a close family life.

Matt from Denver dreams...

I dream that, even though I'm already 32, I'll compete in the Olympics someday.